Climbing is more than just an activity for many of us. It is a sport, a passion, and even a calling.

Humans have always felt the need to conquer obstacles that seem undoable, and scaling a shear rock face is definitely one of those things!

From the granite walls of Yosemite where famous climbers like Alex Honnold have pulled off amazing free solos of cliffs like El Capitan, to your local rock climbing gym, we understand the rush and the pull that rock climbing has.

At RedPointClimb, our writers understand climbing and all that comes with it because we are climbers too.

Our goal is to share our passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for finding the next route, the next move, and the next problem to be overcome and climbed over!

About Our Team

Robert Madden – Lead Writer

Growing up in Fresno, CA, Yosemite has always called to Robert. From camping trips as a kid, he quickly became a regular to the parks granite walls.

His favorite, and most difficult climb to date is Serenity Crack at the Royal Arches in Yosemite, rated a 5.10d. Robby spends most of his time bouldering these days, and loves the Camp 4 Boulder area.

Contact: Robert at redpointclimb dot com.

Melissa K. Dixon – Writer

Our resident climbing gym and bouldering expert, Melissa uses climbing to destress and relax when away from her tech job in the Berkeley, CA area.

Melissa picked up climbing while in college at CU Boulder and has never looked back. Melissa writes all of our content on female climbing gear and much of our bouldering articles!

Contact: melissa at redpointclimb dot com.

Nicholas Parris – Writer/Editor

Our writer/editor and youngest team member, Nick is in school for journalism with a minor in climbing. Just kidding. There is no minor for climbing. We wish though!

Nick has the benefit of being fairly new to the world of climbing, and thus is able to look at our content and make sure we explain things in a way both experts and people who have never put foot on a wall will understand!

Contact: nick at redpointclimb dot com.

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