The 12 Best Climbing Movies: Entertainment and Inspiration

best climbing movies

Most climbers would rather be climbing than sitting on a couch watching TV. That being said, if you are sitting on a couch, might as well be watching the best climbing movies ever made, right!? It’s the next best thing to being on the wall. Some of these documentaries and movies have gotten a lot … Read more

Max Hangs vs Repeaters: Which Helps Your Climbing More?

Max Hang vs Repeater

Grip strength might be the single most important thing that all climbers need. Almost all forms of climbing require holds and grip strength to stay on a wall. I’ve had many new climbers approach me and ask about max hangs vs repeaters as a way to increase this strength. I have used both max hangs … Read more

Top Rope Climbing: Rock Climbing Basics!

top rope climbing

There are so many different forms and styles of climbing that someone new to the sport can often quickly become confused with all of it. Top Rope climbing, for instance‚Ķ what the heck does that mean? Top rope climbing really isn’t that complicated, and it’s likely that if you’ve been climbing indoors you’ve already seen … Read more

The Best Women’s Climbing Shoes – Buyers Guide

best women's climbing shoes

My friends and I agree, there aren’t enough guides or knowledge out there when it comes to the best women’s climbing shoes. Actually, that goes for women’s climbing gear in general, but this article focuses on the shoes! With the fit of climbing shoes being SO important, it makes sense that ladies would want something … Read more

The 5 Best Climbing Shoe Brands Available!

best climbing shoe brands

There are some brands that are simply associated with the sport they are made for, and climbing is no different. The best climbing shoe brands are all known for their quality, style, and performance. Many of them are names every climber knows. In the beginning when heavy duty sport climbing was popular, metal rungs and … Read more

Best Women’s Climbing Harness Buying Guide

Women and men are so different that it makes sense they would want a different fit from their climbing harness. The best women’s climbing harness is going to be a model specific for women, and not any old men’s harness will do. I took a few of my female climbing friends shopping in the last … Read more