Trad vs Sport Climbing: 6 Differences in Style

The question of trad vs sport climbing is one that almost defines generations. As climbing has progressed through the years climbers have shifted predominantly from alpinist to trad climbers, to sport climbers, and today we find ourselves somewhere in between. In fact, until the last 30-40 years sport climbing didn’t really exist. Everything that wasn’t … Read more

Crimp Climbing: Climbing Technique Grips and Tips!

crimp climbing

Crimp climbing is one of the many terms that can confuse those who are new to the sport of climbing. After all, a crimp actually describes two different things, a hold, and a grip style. Our goal with this article is to clear that up! Before you’re done reading you’ll know exactly what crimp climbing … Read more

Free Climbing vs Free Soloing: Definitions and Differences

free climbing vs free soloing

When I talk to my friends who don’t climb I am always reminded of how much lingo and jargon climbers have. Free Climbing vs Free Soloing is one of those that sound like they should be really similar, yet really aren’t. Both styles of climbing have been brought to mainstream sports attention in recent years. … Read more

55 Climbing Quotes to Motivate and Inspire You!

Climbing Quotes

There is something about the quotes of our heroes and famous people that inspire, motivate, and teach us lessons. Climbing quotes are the same, they make us get off the couch, chalk up our hands, and grab the wall. We’ve collected X of our favorite climbing quotes and made this collection for you! I hope … Read more

8 Rock Climbing Stretches: When and How to Limber Up!

rock climbing stretches

Most physical activity benefits from some sort of warming up and stretching program that is sport-specific. Rock climbing stretches are chosen specifically for getting you ready to climb! Due to the flexibility demands of climbing, we argue it’s especially important for our sport! In this article, we’ll look at the different types of stretching for … Read more

Air Traffic Controller (ATC) In Rock Climbing

Every sport has its own acronyms and part of learning the sport is learning those acronyms. For climbing, a common one is ATC climbing. Many people even think the name is a joke when they first hear it, it doesn’t sound like a climbing term, but it is. In this article, we’ll define and explain … Read more

What Is Lead Climbing? Rock Climbing Basics

what is lead climbing

In the world of climbing there are a lot of terms that can confuse new climbers. A question I hear all the time is “What is lead climbing?”. If you are climbing outdoors, most beginners don’t need to worry about lead climbing. Indoors, a beginner has likely been lead climbing without even knowing it! The … Read more

Bouldering vs. Rock Climbing: What’s the Difference?

bouldering vs. rock climbing

In the world of climbing there are a ton of different types, styles, and equipment uses to scale rock. The comparison of bouldering vs. rock climbing is a common question beginners have about two of common disciplines. The biggest differences between bouldering and rock climbing are the highest at which each is done and the … Read more

Resoling Climbing Shoes – Everything You Need to Know

resoling climbing shoes

If you are like me, you have a favorite pair of climbing shoes. So when you start to wear through the sole you start to think about resoling climbing shoes. Should you do it, what are the costs, and more. I have friends that I climb with that refuse to resole their climbing shoes, saying … Read more

The Best Bouldering Shoes – Stick to the Rock!

Best Bouldering Shoes

Those who love bouldering know that it is a small but powerful segment of the rock climbing world that demands special gear. The best bouldering shoes are made for the short, demanding, difficult problems that bouldering often presents. I have a special place in my heart for bouldering, I started doing it when I was … Read more