Top Rope vs Lead Climbing: 5 Differences

Top Rope vs Lead Climbing

In the world of climbing, the difference between top rope vs lead climbing is fairly simple, but that difference leads to significance in many key components of how you climb. Most beginners start by top-roping their climbs, often in a climbing gym with an experienced friend belaying them. Lead climbing, on the other hand, is … Read more

6 Overhang Climbing Technique Tips!

overhang climbing

Most people, including beginner climbers, tend to think that overhang climbing is a little crazy. Scaling walls that are 45-80 degrees vertical is hard enough, but walls that are 95-180 degrees just seems silly. Yet, if a rock is sitting on this earth chances are someone wants to climb on it, and overhangs are no … Read more

The 8 Best Rock Climbers in the World – 2022 Guide

best rock climbers in the world

In the world of rock climbing, there is no shortage of exceptional athletes who make it look easy, effortlessly scaling heights that most people can’t even imagine. But what are they doing differently than their fellow climbers? The 10 Best Rock Climbers in the World – 2022 guide explores the traits, habits, and strategies that … Read more

How To Break in Climbing Shoes – Stretching and Expanding

How To Break in Climbing Shoes

As excited as I am to get a new pair of climbing shoes, I absolutely hate breaking them in. I’ve done plenty of research on how to break in climbing shoes, and I’ve tried plenty of different methods. Most people use a variation on a few different methods, but because of the fit of climbing … Read more

Climbing Gym Etiquette: Unwritten Rules of Rock Climbing!

climbing gym etiquette

Climbing gym etiquette is similar to many other sports unwritten rules. While they aren’t posted anywhere, they aren’t written down, you are expected to know and follow them. Failure to do so will leave you thought poorly of or even disliked. The climbing gym is supposed to be a fun, safe place to work on … Read more

What is Your APE Index? Calculator and Charts!

ape index calculator

Among the wide range of climbing lingo, slang, and acronyms, what is your ape index is near the top of the confusing ones. Most climbers go quite a while before hearing about the ape index, and when they do they have no idea it was even a thing climbers measure! It’s actually not just climbers … Read more

6 Muscles Used In Rock Climbing: Build Strength

Muscles Used in Rock Climbing

Rock climbing challenges many muscles in your body in a way that few other sports do, so today we’ll talk about six muscles used in rock climbing! These muscles will be taxed and pushed to the limit on the wall. Rock climbing is a phenomenal full-body workout. One that taxes your lats, grip, core, and … Read more

Onsight vs. Flash vs. Redpoint Climbing

what is redpoint climbing

Onsight vs. Flash vs. Redpoint Climbing are just three of the many different pieces of jargon you may hear a rock climber use. Each sport has its own vocabulary, and part of learning the sport is learning the lingo! Unlike terms like sport, trad, or bouldering, which talk about the style in which you climb, … Read more

What is Fingerboard Climbing? How Often Can You Do It?

What is fingerboard climbing

Fingerboard climbing is one of many types of climbing that beginners have to sift through and learn about. Fingerboards are a unique form of climbing, but are one of the best ways to gain strength for free climbing. This article will talk about what fingerboard climbing is, how often you can do it, and then … Read more

What is Slab Climbing? Definition, Tips, and Benefits

slab climbing

There is no two ways about it, many people find slab climbing to be one of the most challenging and frustrating forms of climbing. It challenges you in ways many other forms don’t and requires skills that aren’t used elsewhere in rock climbing. One of the newer forms of climbing, slab climbing also has benefits … Read more