The Dawn Wall vs. Free Solo – Which Is Better?

The Dawn Wall vs. Free Solo

As a climber, the debate between The Dawn Wall vs. Free Solo is one that many people disagree on. Almost everyone likes both movies, but when asking which is better, that’s a divided topic. Both movies depict legendary ascents of El Capitan in California’s Yosemite National Park. The difficulty of both climbs is staggering, and … Read more

Rock Climbing Gear List and Essentials

Rock Climbing Gear List

Almost every sport you get into will have a bare minimum of gear you need to get started and climbing is no different. The essential rock climbing gear list is a little bit longer than many other sports, but once you have it climbing outdoors can pretty much be free! With this gear list, we … Read more

Best Indoor Climbing Shoes For Gym Walls

best indoor climbing shoes

Climbing gyms are the perfect place to hone your craft. No weather, no loose holds, just you and the wall. Why would you want anything but the best indoor climbing shoes for such an environment!? I haven’t always had access to outdoor climbing, so climbing gyms have been the place for me to hone my … Read more