The Best Beginner Climbing Shoes Buyers Guide

best beginner climbing shoe

What makes the best beginner climbing shoes? Price, Durability, comfort? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We created this article for you where we will go into depth and detail on what beginner climbing shoes should have, what they should not have along with the required specifications. There are certain features we look for in … Read more

How To Choose Climbing Shoes: Detailed Buyers Guide!

how to choose climbing shoes

Other than the rope and harness, shoes might be the most important piece of gear a climber has. Because of it’s importance, it’s vital you know how to choose climbing shoes that fit, will perform, and match the style of climbing you prefer! Asking for a new pair of shoes to be your “ideal climbing … Read more

Static vs Dynamic Climbing Technique

Static vs Dynamic Climbing

The world of climbing is full of different styles, types, grips and techniques that can be quite confusing for a beginner. Static vs Dynamic climbing is one such distinction we want to clarify! Once you know the difference between these two, you’ll likely have questions like “Which is better”, “Which is easier for beginners”, and … Read more

The Best Trad Climbing Harness Buyers Guide

best trad climbing harnes

There is a lot more hanging from the best trad climbing harness than in most other styles of climbing, so getting a good harness is of upmost importance. Trad climbing is a segment of climbing all it’s own, and thus needs equipment tailored to it! The terms sport and traditional are often used interchangeably, but … Read more

The Best Climbing Harness Packages Buying Guide

best Climbing Harness Packages

Starting any new sport is difficult, you generally need a lot of gear. Rock climbing is no different. Luckily, the best climbing harness packages set you up with everything you need to go. The problem is choosing a climbing harness package. Getting the right harness is extremely important, but so are the other pieces. A … Read more

The Best Full Body Climbing Harness Buying Guide

Full Body Climbing Harness

While half body harnesses are more popular, there is absolutely no competing with the best full body climbing harness models from a safety aspect. We tried on and tested almost 50 harnesses to find the most ergonomic and comfortable models on the market. Not only are full body harnesses used by climbers wanting an extra … Read more

How Dangerous is Rock Climbing?

Dangers of Rock Climbing

How dangerous is rock climbing? This is not a question you ask climbers… it doesn’t matter. Just like you don’t ask a motorcyclist how dangerous his or her bike is. It just doesn’t matter once you are part of the sport. That being said, if you are thinking of starting climbing, you should definitely consider … Read more

Best Kid’s Climbing Harness Buying Guide

Is there anything better than seeing a child get involved and start to love something that you do? The best kid’s climbing harness allow them to follow you up walls and on boulders to learn the ins and outs of sport climbing. As you can imagine, kid’s harnesses need more adjustment than adults as well … Read more

The Different Types of Climbing: Rock Climbing 101!

types of climbing

The world of rock climbing can be confusing, there are a lot of different types of climbing and they each have their own set of techniques. In order to make sense of it all, this article will briefly cover the different types of climbing and how they differ from each other. The main types of … Read more

The Parts of A Climbing Harness You Need to Know!

Parts of a Climbing Harness

If you have any experience climbing at all you probably know that the climbing harness connects body and the climbing rope. But, you may not know all of the parts of the climbing harness that you’re using. These parts include straps, buckles, and loops. In this article we give you a complete breakdown of the … Read more