The Best Climbing Harness Packages Buying Guide

Starting any new sport is difficult, you generally need a lot of gear. Rock climbing is no different. Luckily, the best climbing harness packages set you up with everything you need to go.

The problem is choosing a climbing harness package. Getting the right harness is extremely important, but so are the other pieces. A good fitting harness doesn’t save you in the event of a fall unless you have a good belay device, rope and carabiners to go with it.

We shopped around and tested out a ton of different packages for both the harness and the extra gear that goes with it to recommend four harness package options for you!

Best Climbing Harness Gear Packages


Our Rating:


Petzl Corax Climbing Harness Kit


KwikSafety  Climbing Harness Package


Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Harness Kit


Mad Rock Mars Climbing Harness Package


The reviews are in! The Petzl Corax kit came in as our best climbing harness package! After reviewing more kits than I want to think of I gave this the top vote. I’ve also given you the best budget package and two runner up options to choose from if you don’t want to go with the Petzl!

Top Pick!

PETZL - CORAX KIT Climbing Harness Package

Our Rating:


The winner for best climbing harness package was the Petzl Corax kit! This kit comes with the Corax Harness, a GriGri assisted blocking belay device, and a top end Sm’D carabiner.

We put the kit through the ringer and found it to be a great beginner set up, but also really good for a more experienced climber as well. The Corax is one of our favorite harnesses for both men and women, so it’s really no surprise to see it on this list.

Most kits don’t come with a belay device, and those that did usually went with a cheap option. The GriGri is something that will last a long time for any climber.

The one downside to this kit is that it only with the belay device and one carabiner. A beginner will also usually want to pick up a chalk bag and a few more pieces of gear. We believe this stuff was left out for cost reasons, but it’s our only complaint for the package!


  • Great harness
  • User friendly cam-assisted Belay Device
  • 2 Sizes to Choose from
  • Triact-lock carabiner included
  • The best all around package you can find


  • No chalk bag, additional carabiners or gear

Best Budget Option!

KwikSafety Mandrill Harness Combo Pack

Our Rating:


Our pick for best budget climbing harness kit is the KwikSafety Mandrill Harness. We love this harness for it’s simplicity. It comes with a single point carabiner along with a coiled and retractable bungee cord.

This kit is perfect for a beginners who are still figuring out how to belay with a harness, or a climber who just needs something with one carabiner and doesn’t want to spend more money on other items of gear. The basic kwik safety snap carabiner makes it simple to clip your gear while you are on the wall.

For an entry level harness we were surprised by the fit, comfort and adjustability of this model. It’s an awesome starter harness that won’t break the bank. Now, it’s not as nice as the Corax or the Black Diamond, but it is significantly cheaper too.

The “kit” that comes with this is pretty limited. A single carabineer and a bungee aren’t going to help you do much on a wall. That being said, most beginner climbers will be with more experience friends, so they hopefully will have the gear this package lacks!


  • Very Affordable Starter Model
  • Made to hold people up to 310lbs
  • Comes with carabineer and tool lanyard
  • Adjustable leg and waist straps for one size fits all


  • Package is pretty limited
  • Experienced climbers will want a more comfortable harness

Runner Up!

Black Diamond Equipment - Momentum 4S Harness Package

Our Rating:


The Black Diamond Momentum is one of our favorite climbing harnesses, so it’s no surprise it makes our list for the climbing packages as well. Speed buckles on the waist and legs make this harness easy to adjust and find the perfect fit.

The bullhorn shape of the waistbelt is one of the things that really sets this harness apart. It gives you a lot of freedom to move around while still being secure when you are climbing a route.

This harness is also lightweight, and features some slim but supportive padding. It’s great for long days out on the wall, or if you’re looking for a harness that doesn’t feel like it’s weighing you down.

Lastly, the gear kit comes with a removable extra rear lock, carabineer, and chalk bag and chalk. The main reason the Corax got our top pick was the belay device in their package, but if that’s something you’ll buy separate than this is the climbing harness package we recommend.


  • Black Diamond Momentum Harness
  • Good Solid Gear pack with chalk bag and chalk
  • Bullhorn shaped waist belt is extremely comfortable.
  • Adjustable, releasable rear risers.
  • Great value for a great harness package


  • No Belay Device

Runner Up!

Mad Rock Mars Harness 4.0 Deluxe Climbing Package

Our Rating:


Last but not least is the Mad Rock Mars Harness. Mad rock is a fairly new brand from out perspective, but I was really impressed with the harness at the price point. This harness comes with everything you need to clip in and climb, just like the Black Diamond Harness package.

This harness is simple in design and looks a lot like the Petzl Corax, which we already recommended. It was one of our favorite harnesses to test out by far. The waist band is slightly less comfortable, but the self-locking buckles on the legs might be slightly easier to use!

This package comes with the removable clip for your carabiner and extra kit as well as a cinch closing chalk bag and chalk. Once again, it does not come with a belay device, but that’s not always a bad thing.

I’ve worn both the Petzl Corax and the Black Diamond to climb in the past, and for that reason they get slightly higher ratings but the Mad Rock Mars is a great option that is above the budget lines, but not as expensive as the other packages we’ve listed!


  • Great Value Gear package
  • Chalk bag and chalk are high quality and will last
  • Lightweight
  • Solid Gear Loops


  • Not quite as comfortable as the Corax or the Momentum

Components of a Climbing Harness Package

Each of these packages are slightly different in the components that they offer. In this section we’ll quickly cover some of the common things you’ll find in the best climbing harness packages.

Belay Device

A belay device is a piece of gear that allows you to begin a climb, but doesn’t allow you to complete the climb. These are used for keeping climbers on both sides of the anchor rope safe from falling.

They work by transmitting your weight around the rope in order to take up any slack in the line to help prevent possible injury or death. This is why they are required when belaying with a harness, because your body weight will be transmitted through the system from the belay device attached to your harness.


The most common component of a climbing harness package is a carabiner. These come in single and double points, and can be locked together or not.

A single carabiner is small enough to be clipped to your harness at all times during climbing. They also make it easier to clip your gear. A double carabiner is great for clipping anchors, so you can clip a cord in the middle of the crusher pulley with one carabiner.

Each type of carabineer has benefits and drawbacks. As you climb more you’ll find the styles that you prefer!

Chalk and Chalk Bags

Chalk is used to keep their hands dry during climbing for the purposes of improved grip. This will ensure you don’t slip off the wall and fall. A chalk bag can be a small pouch that holds a chalk stick or can be a backpack of dry powder to get you started in the morning.

The Final Pitch

A beginner climber can benefit from getting a more comfortable harness that is also affordable. Both the Mad Dog and the Kwik Safety harness kit fall into this category.

On the other hand, an experienced climber will want to spend more money on a harness that provides comfort, performance and quality of gear. Many climbers at this level will have the extra pieces of gear and thus be just looking for a new harness.