Best Women’s Climbing Harness Buying Guide

Women and men are so different that it makes sense they would want a different fit from their climbing harness. The best women’s climbing harness is going to be a model specific for women, and not any old men’s harness will do.

I took a few of my female climbing friends shopping in the last few weeks and we tried on more harnesses than I care to think about… but after all was said and done we found the top 4 women’s harnesses!

In this article we’ll give you a detailed look at each! We also have included a buyers guide that explains why women’s harnesses are different then men’s, as well as what we looked for when we were shopping!

Best Women's Climbing Harness


Our Rating:


Black Diamond Women's Momentum Rock Climbing Harness


PETZL - CORAX LT Women Climbing Harness


Mammut Women Togir 3 Slide Harnesses


EDELRID Jayne III Climbing Harness - Women's


If you are in a hurry, our top pick for best women’s climbing harness is the Black Diamond Women’s Momentum Rock Climbing Harness! You can click through any of the pictures or links above to shop for the right sizes.

We have also reviewed each harness in greater details, so stick around and read on for more details on each of our picks!

Top Pick!

Black Diamond Women's Momentum Rock Climbing Harness

Our Rating:

Black Diamond Momentum Women's Climbing Harness

Our top pick for the best women’s climbing harness is the Black Diamond Women’s Momentum. This harness has a lightweight foam waist belt that is comfortable and breathable so you can climb for extended periods with no discomfort. The leg loops are understandably smaller in diameter, an the gear loops are pressure molded and as sturdy as I’ve ever seen.

One thing that all the girls said was that they were amazed how quick and easy adjusting this harness was.

This harness replaces the super popular Primrose harness in the women’s lineup for Black Diamond, and is a slight upgrade from that best selling harness.

As a nice bonus this harness comes with a ATC-XP belay device, a chalk bag and chalk, and a RockLock Screwgate carabiner.



  • Threaded Speed Adjust Waistbelt
  • Adjustable Rear Riser
  • Pressure Molded Gear Loops
  • Great Gear Package – Everything You Need but shoes
  • Best Quality and Lasting harness


  • Chalk Bag is Brown, not as pictured

Best Budget Option!

Petzl Corax LT Women's Climbing Harness

Our Rating:


We start with a harness that probably won’t surprise many readers, the men’s version is one of my top picks as well! The Petzl Corax LT women’s climbing harness is a great harness, and the women’s version is a lighter version of the men’s with some additional tweaks. The biggest compliment that the girls testing it had was that it has great leg loops (which is where most women complain about discomfort) and the weight difference is minimal.

The waist belt on this harness also widens to cradle the hips comfortably, and the weight distribution is spot on. And most importantly the doubleback buckle looks like it can take a beating and will be secure for years of climbing.

As is standard with harnesses of this level the harness comes with two large side gear loops, two smaller rear gear loops, and a dedicated caulk bag loop in the rear.

This is actually the heaviest harness that made the list, but only just barely. For the price difference, if budget is a concern, this is your harness ladies!


  • Women’s Specific Fit
  • Waistband is adjustable and build for comfort
  • DOUBLEBACK buckle
  • Solid Gear Loops
  • Great Value


  • Slightly heavier than others on the list

1st Runner Up!

Mammut Women Togir 3 Slide Harness

Our Rating:


Another household name in the climbing world, the Mammut Togir 3 harness actually took a few first place votes from the Black Diamond Harness.

The Togir 3 has a waist belt that’s comfortable and accommodating, the leg loops are comfortable and have additional webbing above the leg loops to keep your legs from sliding forward. This harness has a lot of features that make climbing more comfortable, and they didn’t skimp on quality! The side gear loops are really nice and big, and the rear gear loops are really big as well.

Mammut uses their own style split webbing on the waistband that I’ve actually tried and really liked on the men’s version.

While the Black Diamond harness might be slightly nicer, if you don’t need the gear that comes with that harness, or simply don’t want to spend the extra money, you will likely be just as happy with the Togir 3!



  • Nice Drop Seat Buckle
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Solid Gear Loops w/ optional Ice-Screw Carabiner
  • 4KN  haul loop
  • Barely lost to the Black Diamond, especially if you don’t need gear pack


  • Some reviews talk about early signs of wear

2nd Runner Up!

EDELRID Jayne III Climbing Harness - Women's

Our Rating:


Last but not least is the Women’s EDELRID Jayne III Climbing Harness. This is a nice harness that does it’s job very well, and the touches of color were appreciated by several of the female climbers who tried it on.

The waist belt on this harness is comfortable and the leg loops sit lower for optimal positioning and are wide enough to accommodate any women’s legs. The gear loops are solid, and it does come with two attachment options for ice screw clips that are a nice feature.

If you are looking for a gym harness or any form of commercial use this also has the feature of having a small RFID pocket. We’ve seen some ropes incorporate this feature to make it easier to track their usage and age.

EDELRID is a company with products specifically tuned for adventure parks and thus go through rigorous testing to ensure they are as safe as possible!


  • Quick, Easy Adjustable Leg Loops
  • Waistband has movable padding for easy adjustment
  • RFID chip pocket
  • Perfect for commercial operations!


  • Confusing to put on first few times

Want to see the harnesses that we rated top for men, trad, kid’s, and the other climbing disciplines? Here is our list of the best climbing harness for each type!

Do Women Need A Gender Specific Harness?

While it is not essential for a woman to stick with a women’s climbing harness, it is recommended. Male and Females tend to have such different body types that a woman should feel much more secure in a harness built for them.

For starters, women tend to have smaller, higher waists than men. Their hips also sit at a different anlge. Lastly, they tend to carry more weight in their thighs. Taking this into consideration, women’s harnesses have a greater distance between the leg loops and the waist belt.

Ladies harnesses tend to fit more around the waist than guys models do, which secure more around the hips. Lastly, the waist belts are generally smaller on women’s harnesses and the leg loops have extra room.

Because of these fit differences most women will feel more secure and comfortable in a harness design specifically for women!

Women's Climbing Harness Buying Guide

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for a climbing harness. While we are confident in our four picks, you might want to go shop at your local store as well. Here are some things to look for before you buy!


Climbing in a harness that is ready to fall apart is a recipe for disaster. Make sure the harness is built to last. We have found that some of the older models had leather straps that deteriorated over time.

If you’re not sure when to retire a climbing harness, we have a guide to help you decide!

Fit and Sizing

Every harness will fit slightly different, especially because not all models will have the same specifications. Due to this it is important to try and find the harness that is best for your body size and shape!

We suggest trying on many different styles and making sure that you find one that fits like a second skin. The harness should sit snugly around your waist and hips, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation or feels uncomfortable. Speaking of comfort…


Comfort is something that climbing harness makers spend a lot of time on, with good reason. You’ll be wearing one for long periods of time, and there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable harness that makes it hard for you to focus on the climb!

We have found that some models of climbing harnesses sit a little too high, so we think it’s important to check out if a manufacturer has reduced the height on some of their models.

The Final Pitch

We hope you’ve found this article helpful and that it has made it easier to find the best women’s climbing harness for any of your needs!

We have put hours of testing into this list and any one of these four options would be a great investment for your future outdoor adventures. We hope that you found a model that fits your budget and needs. Be sure to browse our other articles for more information on buying outdoor gear and finding the right gear to suit your needs.