Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness Review

The right kind of climbing harness is important; hence, if you are looking for such equipment, make sure that it fits you just right. Climbing can become a very dangerous activity if you are not properly equipped and one of the most crucial gear in a climber’s kit is an appropriate climbing harness.

Facing off with a rock or ice façade will make you realize the significance of selecting the right climbing harness so before you begin, make sure that you have a good one in your hands. You can begin your search by reading reviews. Know more about the Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness by means of this article.

Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness Features

  • Lightweight and easy to adjust
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comes with reinforced belay loop
  • Has 3 point adjustments and 2 piece adjuster buckles in legs and waist
  • Made from 5000 lb. test mil spec webbing
  • Has weight under 3 lbs.
  • Recommended for rope courses, indoor climbing and as an outdoor guide


The Fusion Climb Centaur is a climbing harness. This device is crucial safety equipment intended to be used for climbing and canyoneering activities. Prior to usage, make sure that you examine the harness first to guarantee that it is still in great shape and is fastened properly.

A harness must have a waist belt and two leg loops which can be adjusted in order to comply with the body of the user and provide not only comfort, but safety as well. The front section must have a loop and, in case the back has to bear the load, that part should have a loop included too, so users can fasten the harness to an anchor or a rope.

There are harnesses that come with full-body loops while there are some which are half body like the Fusion Centaur. However, there are also models that do not have loops on them. While it does not mean that these loop-less models are useless, they are meant for some climbing activities, like rope climbing and indoor climbing.

They are not intended to be used for traditional climbing. If you are into trad climbing, then it is recommended that you get one that features a good number of loops in order to carry your gear or attach ropes.

Users should normally wear harnesses high on their hips. The hip bones must function as a sort of ledge that will stop the harness from slipping below in the event that you will be flipped upside down.

The leg loops must be secure as well so they will not slide up and down the legs of the user which can result in overall discomfort and loss of movement. The buckles on the harness must be locked or double-backed so they will not slacken over the course of the climb.

Prior to wearing the harness, check the item for any sign of rips and tears. You have to guarantee that its threading is whole and not compromised. In case you detect any problems, replace the harness. Furthermore, you have to change a harness that has seen five years of use.

Keep in mind to at least go over the harness before usage and perform a standard safety check on it. Verify that the harness is sufficiently secure so that users will not be able to insert two fingers in the waist belt. Inspect the buckle as well to find out that it is double-backed or locked.

The Fusion Centaur has a minimalist design and does not include loops or cushioning for the user’s gear. Hence it is only good for the gym or indoor climbing and rope courses.

It can be used as a mountaineering harness as well, but only for a shorter period of time, and only when needed. This product is made in the US which speaks of its quality and is actually a nice option for an indoor harness.

The leg straps and waist belt of the product are adjustable in size by means of the buckles. The belay loop is strengthened as well for durability and it is sewn in a manner that it will prevent fraying and tearing.

The product also displays extra stitching on the leg straps and waist belt. The item at this time can be had in a good number of sizes so you can get one that fits you best.


The Fusion Centaur will unfortunately give you minor discomfort due to the fact that it lacks cushioning on particular parts like the leg straps and the waist belt. The addition of padding can solve this issue.


The Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness is a nice option for climbers who are always doing indoor or gym climbing or performing rope courses. This is also a nice entry-level harness for individuals who are beginners in those activities.

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