Kissloves Full Body Safety Harness Review

Climbing and other activities or jobs that involve heights can be risky. Individuals who take on such activities or sports must make use of a sturdy harness in order to be safe, secure and prevent falls that can lead to injury or worse, the loss of life.

The safety harness is believed to be the most crucial security measure that is recommended for individuals who work in construction sites and other related areas. Climbers are also advised to make use of harnesses for indoor climbing, traditional climbing and canyoneering.

If you want more information about the product, you can check out this review of the Kissloves Full Body Safety Harness.

Kissloves Full Body Safety Harness Features

  • Can fit 27.5-47.2 inch waists and 19.6-23.6-inch legs
  • Has weight limit of 450 lbs.
  • Has comfort padding for back, shoulder and legs
  • Excellent frame construction offers even weight distribution for maximum comfort
  • Leg loops and waist belt feature doubled straps
  • Comes with traditional buckle and harness construction
  • Belt and leg loop are lined with breathable mesh
  • Ideal for rock climbing, mountaineering, fire rescue, working on elevated locations, caving and outward band


Working and doing activities that engage elevated locations can lead to injury or even death. But in spite of the dangers involved there are ways in which you can protect yourself from such falls. This protection comes in the form of a safety harness like the Kissloves Full Body Safety Harness.

Before proceeding with any climbing activity or occupation, check out the dangers involved in doing such pursuits. This takes in creating an evaluation of the duration and the regularity of the work or activity, plus the surface conditions that you have to deal with.

A good fall protection setup engages the use of belts and safety rails at work. They are efficient when it comes to providing safety for the user, however it does not offer same security that a full body safety harness can bring.

While in certain job locations a safety belt is enough, there are particular situations where such a device might do you more harm than good.

To wear a full body harness correctly, know how it works and familiarize yourself with its components first. A complete harness is composed of straps going over the shoulders and is attached to a safety belt all over the waist. This gives out the strength of a fall when utilized and safeguards the body against falling risks and injury.

Prior to usage, check the harness for any indication of wear and tear. Inspect the fasteners and the buckles and guarantee that the device is in excellent working condition. Look for indications of fraying in the webbing plus check for any signs of cracking or defects on the more solid components of the item.

Make sure to guarantee that the anchor point is unwavering and secure. A harness is not safe if it is not fastened to a fitting anchor point. You have to guarantee as well that you are utilizing the proper type of anchor for the kind of occupation or job you are undertaking.

It requires a level of flexibility and movement when climbing, hence a fixed anchor point might not work at all. But if you are making use of an adaptable anchor point, you may have to take into account utilizing a telescopic lifeline so in case you fall over, you will not fall down too far. Remember not to have too much slack as well because it can be risky.

Following a fall or use, or if the item has been used frequently, check it completely prior to using the item once more. Stress can have an effect on the item even if it did its job.

Due to the dangers involved in working at elevated areas or during activities like climbing, mountaineering and canyoneering, you can never be too cautious and must always see to it that you wear a harness like this product from Kissloves because it can help prevent serious injury and even death.

The Kissloves Full Body safety harness is a quality harness with excellent stitching. It has leg straps that come with elastic on them to help ease fatigue around those areas and it is comfortable to boot. It also includes an additional D-ring, which is lacking on most harnesses in the market.

It has a universal fit so the majority of body types will feel comfortable wearing it. The product is great for safety lines, climbing, mountaineering, as a zip line guide and for tree trimming jobs.


Thus far the product did not display any disadvantages which makes it a neat, worthy purchase.


In case you want to try out a complete body harness for work or climbing, you may want to check out the Kissloves Full Body Safety Harness. This is a great product which performed its functions well.

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