Oumers Climbing Harness Review

The climbing harness is a device used for scaling mountains and walls which goes all over the legs and waist of the user. The harness will fasten its user to the carabineer and rope that will dangle them when they fall or have to take a bit of rest during the climb. The climbing harness is composed of eight chief parts and all components have to fit the body accordingly.

When hunting for a harness to use for your climbing plans, consider what kind of harness will suit the type of climbing you do. Climbing types are grouped into traditional climbing, sports and gym wall climbing. Finish Reading our reviews, or jump over to Amazon to read the reviews there.

Oumers Climbing Harness Features


  • Has 15KN tension and Impact force of 6KN
  • One size can fit all
  • Includes traditional buckle
  • Comes with harness construction that gives pressure to keep users comfortable while climbing
  • Leg loop and belt are lined with breathable mesh for guaranteed all-over comfort
  • Comes with two double-back buckles which let the waist belt be adjusted and secured with just one motion
  • CE certified
  • Has weight limit of 500 lbs.
  • Ideal for rock climbing and mountaineering, fire rescue and caving




If you are a beginner in rock climbing, it is crucial that you select a proper climbing harness for the kind of climbing you often undertake. Choosing a good one can be a challenge and it is essential that you take your time and select a quality product that fits you right.

You do not want to splurge on a product that will not suit you. You have to know more about the available harnesses in the market today, like this item we are reviewing, the Oumers Climbing Harness.

Prior to purchasing a climbing harness, you have to know more about the different components that make up the device. You have to know what they do as well.

The next thing you have to do is determine the kind of climbing you are fond of doing or plan on doing. This is important and it should not be ignored because there are different kinds of harnesses for climbing.

What must you look for in a climbing harness then? First, take into account how it feels whenever you are wearing the item. You want the product to fit you properly in the legs and the waist.

Keep in mind that as soon as you tie in, the harness is going to produce a type of “seating” for you. You do not really need a harness that will cut off the circulation around those parts. Furthermore, you do not want too much space around that it will feel too awkward using the product.

You should also take into consideration if the product has enough support for the lower back. The waist ideally should have sufficient padding and broader leg loops.

Harnesses made for female users differ from ones made for males since the former feature a smaller waist and bigger leg loops plus the rise is more extended and might also be made adjustable to fit the user’s body shape.

This product from Oumers is an excellent climbing harness that aims to catch you when you fall during a climb. It comes with reinforced stitching to guarantee that is can endure the user’s weight and last for a longer period of time.

This is a nice choice for entry-level participants in climbing, is affordable and you do not need to invest in too many expenses just to enjoy this particular activity. The harness can fit men, women or children and it can take in weight up to 500 lbs. It comes with a breathable mesh lining in the leg and belt areas so the user will be more comfortable wearing it even on the hottest of days.

The waist belt, meanwhile, can be adjusted easily by means of the double-back buckles it comes with in just a single motion. You can store the harness in its own bag and it also comes with a loop fastened to the belt where you can fasten your chalk bag or gear.


It is intended to be utilized for emergency falls, however, it is not meant for extended suspension. It can be employed for rappelling every so often. Also, we have noticed that sitting on the harness while descending can be a bit uncomfortable which can be quite pronounced for longer periods. However, this can be solved by adding extra cushioning.


The Oumers Climbing Harness is something you have to try out in case you are a beginner in the field of climbing and discovering the wealth of climbing equipment out there. It is recommended for its quality construction and crucial features.

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