Oumers Kids’ Climbing Harness Review

A harness is a tool used for climbing that is fastened to the rope and allows users to climb in a safer manner up a rocky façade. The harness should be comfortable enough without limiting movement and it should also be fitted sufficiently so users will not fall out when climbing.

The harness is crucial for providing support while climbing and it should be considered an investment piece. Hence it pays if you read reviews about products first before buying them. Here is our review of the Oumers Kids’ Climbing Harness.

Oumers Kids’ Climbing Harness Features

  • Can fit 30-59 inch waists and 18-31 inch legs
  • Has tension of 15KN and impact force of 6KN
  • Is CE-certified
  • Has quality frame construction for uniform weight distribution and comfort
  • Has two double-back buckles so waist belt can be adjusted and secured in one movement
  • Has traditional buckle and harness construction
  • Belt and leg loop come with breathable mesh lining
  • Ideal for rock climbing, mountaineering, fire rescue or outward band


The Kids’ Climbing Harness by Oumers meets strict safety and security standards like most body harnesses. The tests done on this kind of equipment is demanding and usually covers load holding to check if it can support and accommodate heavier weights sufficiently.

The body harness should be bought new and not secondhand and it must pass EN tests to guarantee that it is safe to use.

The harness has double-back straps so it is an adjustable harness which is ideal for several kinds of climbing. Because it has double-back straps, users can completely adjust the waist belt with just one single motion. The waist belt on body harnesses is usually padded enough to provide comfort for users.

The buckle lets users thread in the belt and secure it to fit their own body shape. The double-back straps are usually situated on the waist belt and two buckles mean you can consolidate the harness for the most suitable fit. This fastening is crucial since it guarantees that the harness will not open up.

Harnesses feature a waist belt which can be adjusted to modify it based on the size of the user. These waist belts are often cushioned and comfortable so users can move about easily while using the harness.

The waist belt usually features gear loops fastened on them so users can store other gear that they want to take with them for the climb. These are fastened by means of a strap which requires being double-backed to make everything secure and guarantee that it will not unlock.

The waist belt must be situated just on top of the user’s hip bones and it must not be dragged down to the hips. In case the user has narrow hips, a product like the Thicker Wider might not be ideal for the user but instead they can opt for a full body harness.

Furthermore, users have to make sure that the waistband is not limiting their breathing as well. As soon as the waist belt is fastened, examine the area for at least three inches of webbing left from the buckle of the waist belt. This will guarantee that you have the appropriate fit.

The leg loop can be adjustable and non-adjustable. The former can be found on the majority of standard climbing harnesses. Always see to it that the leg loops are secure and not too restrictive or tight so you can still let your legs loose if required. The loops should not limit movement as well.

The Kids’ Climbing Harness has tension of up to 15KN and impact force of 6KN. It has a frame structure that guarantees excellent weight distribution for overall better comfort and comes with leg loops and a waist belt with doubled straps. The harness has a wider belt on the back and the legs, hence its name.

Furthermore, the waist belt and loop come with breathable mesh lining to guarantee that users will still feel comfortable wearing the item in hot weather. Lastly, it includes two dual-back buckles which allow the waist belt to be budged and secured with every movement. All in all, the product gives excellent lumbar support and a price you can afford.


While the product has its excellent points, it has some drawbacks too. The harness only comes in one size and it does not have a haul loop. It is limited when it comes to gear loops since it only includes two. As for its size, it is a bit on the hefty side.


The Kids’ Climbing Harness is a great harness and it offers great lumbar support if you are concerned with this factor. If you have a limited budget and want to invest on a good climbing harness, you can avail of this item. The product comes with an affordable price that frugal climbers and beginners can appreciate.

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