Petzl Corax Climbing Harness Review

The climbing harness is a crucial part of your climbing gear. It is a device that goes all over the legs and the waist of the climber. It catches you when you fall, hence it is important to find a product that fits you very well, that has enough space, yet will not cut off circulation to your legs or waist.

When looking for a good harness, you have to take into consideration the kind of climbing activity you do or plan on undertaking. This must not be overlooked. For additional information about climbing harnesses check out these reviews of the Petzl Corax.

Petzl Corax Climbing Harness Features

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile climbing harness
  • Has hard-wearing construction for both summer and winter undertakings
  • Has waist belt with double-back buckles which adjust and center the harness effortlessly
  • Comes with adjustable leg loops for simpler harness modification
  • Enables carrying and general order of the harness

Petzl Corax Climbing Harness

Petzl Corax Climbing Harness


Rock climbing enthusiasts often have falling stories to tell, whether they do indoor wall climbing or outdoor climbing activities. However, gym climbs are often top roped which only allows falls that are a few feet in height. Traditional climbing can make climbers endure bigger falls. This is the reason why choosing the proper kind of harness is important for all climbers.

You have to choose a good one that is right for the type of climbing you perform, whether you are a gym/indoor climber or go for traditional climbing. A climbing harness like the Petzl Corax lets the rope become comfortably and securely attached to the climber so it will stop him from falling straight to the ground.

The rope passes by throughout one to two webbing loops, based on the harness and the loops are considered to be the most crucial components of protection that averts falls. The other parts that help protect climbers are the belay device, the rope and the rock protection.

The webbing loops also let users attach a belay device to the harness which allows climbers to belay other partners climbing with them. Climbing gear companies are careful when it comes to producing their products and they ensure that their merchandise meets strict safety standards at all time.

There are different kinds of climbing harnesses available in a broad range of designs and sizes. While it can be a challenge to sift through such a huge selection, it is best to remember that a climbing harness has to be safe, secure, efficient and comfortable when worn. It should fit the user appropriately.

A harness that does not fit its wearer properly can be uncomfortable and it can be risky as well. It is best if you try out the product first before purchasing it, to guarantee a good fit and actually witness the quality and construction of the item.

However, if you are very familiar with a particular product, you can opt to buy online. There are gear stores out there who let customers try on the harness and let them dangle in it for a while to check if it is comfortable.

All in all, take into consideration a number of crucial factors before beginning said activity. Apart from other gear like shoes, acquiring the best harness is an essential. You have to get one that will provide you with the comfort and safety required for climbing elevated heights.

The Petzl Coax harness provides climbers with all the things they require in a harness. The Coax is compact, light and is made from quality, durable materials that offer users comfort and versatility. It includes a UNIVERSO belay system and can work well with many different ropes.

The harness is a joy to use due to the comfort it brings and it is designed to be adjusted easily. The product also provides climbers the ability to buckle the item on both the right and left parts of the waist. Hence you can take its length to make the whole system centered and balanced.

It is well-constructed too, so it offers excellent support. There are also hooks which have been mounted so users can secure extra items for the activity. Many climbers appreciate the workings of this product since it is simple to use, as well as being comfortable.


While the Coax did an excellent job when it comes to doing its duties, it can be a challenge sorting the item out when taking it away from the bag.


The Petzl Corax is a great climbing harness to try out. It is light and comfortable. It is also well-made which says a lot about the company. It prioritizes excellent quality as well as safety and comfort. It is highly recommended for individuals who have a passion for regular climbing activities.

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